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In-house Photography and Outsourced Photography - Essay Example

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In this paper, the author has presented the advantages & disadvantages of outsourcing photography pertaining to the case study of Kudler Fine Foods. The author has presented the arguments in a structured format that helps in concluding whether photography of a small food store should be outsourced to a third party photographer…

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In-house Photography and Outsourced Photography

They presented the key factors as - Management, Strategy, Technology, Economics and Quality. To add more to these decision points the author presents the arguments by Lankford and Parsa (1999. pp310-312) who insisted that an organization should consider economies of scale, inability to manage the function in-house, strategic realignment, need for focus on core business, short & long term financial advantages, and impact on company's competitiveness when deciding for outsourcing. Roy and Aubert (2002. pp32-33) presented a strong statement on outsourcing decision stating that "outsourcing would be appropriate for activities requiring non-strategic resources while activities linked to key competencies should be jealously kept in-house". They argued that the business critical processes, information & intellectual properties of the organizations should be kept out of the outsourcing framework and the organization should consider outsourcing only those work that does not comprise of the key competencies of their business model and do not invite any legal trouble for the organization if there are breaches by the outsourcing vendor. They presented the following model of outsourcing decisions:
As presented in the figure, the authors argue that outsourcing should be carried out only for those aspects of the business that possess strategically low ...
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