Movie "What's Eating Gilbert Grape"

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The movie "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" vividly portrays problems and life grievances caused by mental disorder. Arnie suffers from mental retardation and requires attention and caring of other family members. Gilbert Grape is the only person in the family able to care for the house and his mentally ill brother, Arnie.


The movie portrays that there are a number of issues relating to the nature of the 'difficulties' or 'retardation' in individuals of low ability, sometimes known as the 'delay versus deviance debate'. Following Lustig (1999) that is, are those without and those with learning difficulties following the same developmental trajectory, but with the 'retarded' individual doing so at a slower rate; also, will 'retarded' individuals reach a lower ceiling, or are there qualitative differences in the paths they are. Challenging behavior is not a transient phenomenon. Many people show such behavior throughout their lives. Challenging behavior includes physical assault upon others, the most frequent example, damage to the environment, self-injury, severe noncompliance, persistent screaming, pica, public masturbation, inappropriate sexual behavior and recurrent vomiting (Vanderschie-Bezyak 2003).
The analysis of Arnie's behaviour allows to say that mental retardation is characterized by subaverage general intellectual functioning which has originated before the age of 16 years and is associated with impairment in adaptive behavior manifest as: (1) delayed maturation, (2) slowness in learning, and (3) social adjustment. The whole classification had three parts, clinical, behavioral and intellectual. ...
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