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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Effects of FAS include:
FAS is not a distant experience as my siblings and I have at least been once in our lifetimes been put under medical supervision in FAS related ailments. In my case, it happened when I was 11 years old and I was experiencing bouts of nervous breakdown especially in chilly mornings. Earlier treatment focused on nervous diseases but when the situation worsened, there was a suggestion by a family doctor to test for the FAS syndrome.
As a victim of FAS, many of my school days were lost due to FAS related complications, at the junior school, to cope become so hard since all other kids noticed that I was different from them in someway. Of course this is a very devastating situation to be in. Though this condition is not presently a bother to me, my elder brother has not been very lucky for he has had an unusually high incidences of arrests, he is sometimes into prisons and it feels bad given that he is not to blame for what is happening . Despite his 'innocence", many blame him and he pays for his deeds.
The syndrome is correlated to culture since in essence; culture plays a crucial role in peoples' drinking habits. ...
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Alcohol as a substance is toxic to human beings and the toxicity is more defined in fetus. The term Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) refers to abnormalities or irregularities which occur in fetus and later in children as a result of maternal alcohol consumption The term was first used by Kenneth L…
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