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Blues Music

Blues songs are not only written about the trials faced during the slave days, these songs are also written about the many trials that blacks have faced over time.
After the slaves were freed, the black community had new challenges. While they were excited about being free and in charge of their own lives, there were still a number of obstacles that kept them from being equal to their white counterparts. Because of their inequality, the black community suffered significantly. For instance, the only jobs that were offered to black men were the jobs that their white counterparts were not interested in doing. These jobs usually consisted of back-breaking labor under harsh conditions. Some of the remedial tasks that blacks were forced to perform in order to make a living were working on farms or in the fields or the position of traveling minstrel (University of Scranton). Concerning the conditions under which the blacks were forced to work, one article titled "Life after the Thirteenth Amendment" states that though blacks were free from slavery; their jobs were similar to what they had to do while they were slaved. ...
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The first roots of Blues music were during the time that West African slaves were subjected to harsh and back-breaking labor in the fields of the south. The days were long and unpleasant, and Blues songs were composed to help the slaves to pass the time and make the work that they had to do somewhat bearable…
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