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Poster Design - Essay Example

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All good posters grab and hold the attention of the viewer and convey the message in easy and succinct language. The use of graphics that are remarkable, simple and explicit is a key to effective poster design.
To understand the principles of good poster design, a few illustrations are used…

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Poster Design

The internal format of the poster is a simple two-row and four-column symmetrical grid format. We observe the following:
The font used, Comic Sans, is legible and not as conservative as Times or as bold as Helvetica or Gill. Comic Sans seemed to be more attractive to children when the poster was tested in a classroom situation. Memory retention studies tell us that readers are 78% more likely to recall information printed in colour as opposed to black and white (L Eiseman 2000).
As can be seen from Illustration 2 the change of language for use in Irish schools does not detract from visual impact of the poster. The illustrations in the poster (checked for accuracy by Health Board Dental staff), support the text and add to the cheerful and friendly feel of the poster. Created as an A3, 300DPI, Litho print, this poster could be enlarged up to A2 with the DPI reduced on a large-scale digital printer.
The image used for the poster, strengthens the advertised promotion. While not of the best quality, breaking it up to create a more interesting visual effect made it attract potential readers to the poster.
This poster was also created for Litho printing. However, digital printers could also produce it. Nevertheless, be aware that not all digital printers can hold the flood of green contained in the poster. Test printed on an Epson 9000 with clean heads, the printout was acceptable at A1 size.
Illustration-4 is an A1, ...
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