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After engaging in a very fruitful sessions in the course, I've learned many skills that are beneficial in my academic and future professional life. In the entire course, I've realised that to be successful, a person needs to take account his knowledge, skills and talents in any endeavour he undertakes.


In today's rapidly changing business environment where competition is very fierce I realise that in order to succeed I need to discover and capitalize on his personal competencies in order to excel in his chosen field of career. I should improve my knowledge, talents and skills to stay in the competition or else I will be lagged behind. Once left behind, I will likely face termination not only from my present job, but also from my future career. Especially on my case that I am foreigner I should improve my not only in academic aspects but also my communication and interpersonal skills.
My unique knowledge, skills, and talents are tools that I can use to improve not only to myself but also to humanity as a whole. Having these he should create a plan on what these are, how and when to use them. These are the critical issues that I discovered and worked on during the first parts of the course. I mapped up my personal development plan. As what Elliott said1, personal development planning provides us with access to bridge our dreams towards its realisation.
In the first workshop, I found out the how important reflection is not just in personal development but also in learning in general. ...
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