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Terrorism ResponseYour team is the "first responder" law enforcement agency to a crime scene where a bomb has exploded at City Hall. - Essay Example

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Terrorism ResponseYour team is the "first responder" law enforcement agency to a crime scene where a bomb has exploded at City Hall.

Specialized responders are the FBI, the Center of Disease Control teams and Explosives Ordnance Detonation (EOD) specialists, who take charge of the situation, identify toxin and take appropriate disease control, and detect and render safe secondary devices respectively.
This essay discusses First Responders' Strategy to a hypothetical scenario wherein a bomb explodes at City Hall and an anonymous caller claims responsibility and indicates that the explosion released toxins. The paper addresses preliminary evaluation, concerns about scene safety, life saving efforts and scene protection and security and control measures. It premises that the anonymous caller's claim and hint are true.
The scenario is a post blast incident in a populated enclosed cite with possible biological and chemical (BC) toxins released during the explosion. Law enforcement first responders are faced with a situation where there are people killed and hurt; people in a state of shock and panic, danger of infrastructure collapse, danger of the presence of secondary devices within the building or in proximate buildings, and danger of biological and chemical (BC) contamination. The anonymous call is presumably post facto. As such, the conservative posture is to assume that there is exposure to toxins.
The first task is to set up a command post (CP) where activities among first responders and speci ...
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An essay identifying conditions attendant to and actions required by a post blast incident involving Biological and Chemical toxins. First responders' are concerned with (1) protection of first responders, (2) reduction of contamination risks, and (3) calling specialized responders…
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