3 Businesses in UAE

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This part of text looks into the business functioning in the United Arab Emirates.It tries to identify the strengths and weaknesses of three randomly selected companies to a way of generalizing the business environment of the UAE.


Food products and personal effects were well stocked and in addition to this, the hypermarket specialized in clothing more specifically footwear. The hypermarket had good hypermarket attendants who would help the customers in finding products they were looking for within this huge retail store. The attendants were uniformly dressed so that one would identify and distinguish an employee and a fellow customer in the hypermarket.However, there was a problem in communication as some attendants at the retail store could only speak their indigenous language of Arabic and thus it became a little difficult in conveying messages. It sought the intervention of attendants conversant with English to communicate what I needed. Nevertheless, the cashiers were fast as they worked on their clients quickly by calculating and handing back change to the customers so that there would be no occasions of long cues at the counter. The hypermarket, Pic N save seemed to have a competitive edge in their business practice. ...
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