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job application - Essay Example

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1) Outside of the Fire Service, describe any other knowledge, skills, and abilities gained through your training, life experiences, and work experience that would demonstrate a positive work ethic and/ or the ability to function in a team environment.

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job application

I have also honed my leadership abilities, in the bargain, while also learning to be more accommodative of the other person's opinion, while asserting my own if confident. In addition to this, working in an atmosphere of cooperation and coordination has helped me learn numerous things from my colleagues and co-workers. Due to this, I have inculcated the ability to learn new things from people around me, and in accordance with t he changing atmosphere. In my experience as an emergency medical technician paramedic, I have inculcated the ability to meet with emergencies in a more composed manner, using my presence of mind to solve trying situations. Crisis Management is something that has been ingrained in me through this experience. I possess knowledge with regards to security and handling of emergency health conditions. As evident, both the jobs require high levels of skill and patience, which is most certainly a facet of my personality. Thus, I am confident of my abilities to work in a composed and pragmatic manner in critical situations, while still working within the parameters of team-work and management.
As already mentioned, I have gained experiences in ...
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