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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

According to studies, the price of RFID will approach $0.05-0.10 if purchased in bulk. When this trend continues, it would not be long before the market will lean towards the RFID due to cost-effectiveness, thus, possibly defeating the role of barcodes that are widely used for commercial purposes with about 5 billion worldwide occurrences daily. One of the organisations that are working to regularise RFID is the EPCGlobal Inc., which is a cooperative effort between UCC and EAN. These are the two parties responsible for the application of barcodes in the U.S. and Europe market (RSA Security, 2004b).
Through the advantages brought about by the RFID, problems in the privacy of consumers are raised by certain groups. Concerns on the possibility of detecting the possessions of the consumers without their knowledge are the main objective of these groups. If access of being able to detect and read the RFID were given to the wrong hands, possibility such as robbery and other crimes is at hand. Also, the business groups perceive the possibility of RFID being a tool for company surveillance. As a possible answer to the security issues, RSA Security provides ways to validate RFID readers and to be able to make protected internal transactions (RSA Security, 2004a).
The Radio-F ...
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In the rapid advance of technology in the world of commerce, the RFID or the Radio-Frequency Identification is one of the developments that have great potential due its essential functions. It is a chip that can store identification information of products, thus, its use is being considered in the market…
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