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Leith Agency

This is clearly evident in the Tennents Lager, a beer brand in Scotland, wherein it had good market share with one out of four pints consumed, but it wasn't popular among younger population. The question why younger lots were not drinking the Tennents Lager was a critical incident and the challenge was to make them believe that it was their brand (Lieth Agency case study). Lieth Agency can identify the critical incidents in the similar manner by analyzing the product and its marketability as in the above mentioned case.
It is necessary to assess customer satisfaction as it is the best lead indicator of future loyalty as mentioned by Hill et al (2003:3). It is further stated that customer satisfaction will enable to know whether their expectations have been met, identify priorities for improvement for customer satisfaction and set goals for service improvement and monitor progress against a customer satisfaction index. Customer satisfaction is measure of how your organizations "total product" performs in relation to a set of customer requirements. (Hill et al, 2003:6). Similarly Vavra (1997:3) states that customer satisfaction measurement is formalized, objective tool for assessing how a business treats its clients and employees as well who testify that an organization is quality oriented. ...
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A critical incident is an event that has a unique significance and is important. It is an event which makes self or an organization to stop and think, or one that has raised questions. More importantly, it makes us to think why it has happened and what will be its consequences (CALT learning, 2007).
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