Pollution in the UK

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Pollution is one of the key concerns for many residents within the realms of UK and the councils have been working on the investigation to improvise this issue over a long period of time. It is well-known a fact that urban areas have a tremendous influence on the environment and, being a hub for majority of the global citizenry, they have the greatest impact in terms of exploitation of resources and pollution of all kinds.


This paper efficaciously delineates the issues concerned with the pollution in the United Kingdom, along with the problems encountered by the councils to combat them. Moreover, this paper talks about pertinent measures to be undertaken by the authorities of UK in order to transform the society in to a healthy and sustainable place to reside.
The Department of Environment, Transport and other Regions states that clean air is a fundamental component of a good eminence of life and people have the authority to expect that the air they take in will not be harmful to them (Report, 2000). Post the haze issue of the mid-twentieth century, the British government has put in tremendous effort in to the management of air quality, which has resulted in substantial reduction of pollution in the UK, in comparison to other countries of the world. ...
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