Nursing Professional Behavior

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Nursing has always been a respected profession since time immemorial in part due to expertise it requires and also due to the great contribution it makes in bringing about quality health care. The ladies in white and their male counterparts have long been associated with kindness, perseverance, selflessness among other positive attributes.


Whatever the debate, one thing is clear, nurses are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and exude pleasantness at all times. Therefore the purpose of this paper is to study in depth the nursing professional behavior in a bid to understand what one is expected to require of a nurse.
Before proceeding further one may be curious to ask, do the traditional nurse uniforms maketh a nurse is it the behavior that communicates professionalism The answer to this may be varied but popular opinion holds that both play an important role i.e. it is crucial that a nurse be courteous, and dress the part. Dressing helps the nurses give a good first impression as well as appear more trustworthy to the patient which is the first step in surmounting the primary obstacle in the profession. On the other hand the greater challenge lies in sustaining this trust throughout the period which the patient is under hospital care. No doubt this can be strenuous because so much is expected from them. ...
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