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The Case against Tipping by Michael Lewis - Essay Example

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Yes, tip jars can seem pointless when not much service is performed like "merely [handing] you a $2 muffin and perhaps a ruinous cup of coffee and then [ringing] them up on the register (Lewis)," but the word tip means to insure prompt service according to the Webster dictionary and should be done if service is prompt and friendly.

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The Case against Tipping by Michael Lewis

If tips and wages do not meet the minimum wage requirement, then the employer must compensate the employee for the difference.
Yes, "they know that if someone shoots up his school, he will become a celebrity (Ellis)," but they also know that jail time will be in their future. Usually a school shoot up has nothing to do with fame but is a psychological reaction to bulling inside or outside the school or home.
Yes, "61 percent of the programs examined last year contained some violence (Ellis)," but television program does not put the firearm in the hands of the adolescent. Parents with firearms have the responsibility to keep them locked up tight and safe from children.
Yes, "the violence depicted on television and movies escalates with each passing year, as audiences grow inured to "routine violence (Ellis)," but many people watch violence without committing violent acts. Parents should monitor children's viewing habits and watch violent programming with the child to explain what is happing and that it is wrong to do what they see in real life.
In The Case against Tipping by Michael Lewis, Lewis had a point when he said, "people who serve you are more likely to do it well and promptly if they ...
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