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Essay example - Please help to decide(Cognitive science) High School

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High school
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Cognitive science has been recognized as an interdisciplinary study of the mind or intelligence. It includes many other areas of study such as psychology, neuroscience, computer science, and many other specialties. The broad reach of cognitive science includes the study of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)…

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A collaborative study of PTSD may include recognizing risk factors that could predispose the development of PTSD in a specific segment of society. If risk factors are identified there is a good chance that by eliminating the risk factors (intervention) the prevalence of PTSD in that segment of society may be reduced.
PTSD affects several segments of society. Traditionally PTSD has been associated with soldiers returning from battle. These soldiers have been identified in the past as having 'shell shock' or 'battle fatigue'. They are now identified as having PTSD. It is well recognized that PTSD is not limited to soldiers returning from battle. The PTSD diagnosis is shared by school shooting victims, survivors of hurricanes (most recently Katrina and Rita), car accident victims, victims of rape, and those exposed to abuse and neglect as children or as adults. Those exposed to violent crimes (murders or torture) are at risk as well. Emergency services personnel, such as paramedics and police officers, have been identified as 'at risk' for developing PTSD.
Treating PTSD effectively may include a combination of medication and cognitive therapy. Studies have shown that PTSD can be prevented but prevention requires prior knowledge that a traumatic event will occur. Those most at risk for developing PTSD can be identified (soldiers, for example). ...
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