Care of the Child within Accident and Emergency

Case Study
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Introduction: This is a reflective case study of phenomena at my placement in Accident and Emergency delivering specialist nursing care to the children of age group 1 to 5 years. In this assignment I will critically, reflect on a range of childhood emergencies and illnesses in children of this age group, and this will comprise reflection on patients with meningitis, respiratory problems, orthopedic and head injuries, neurological observations, dressing, and burns and wound care.


The child whose care I am going to critically reflect on is a child with meningitis. This was a 2-year-old child who presented to the Accident and Emergency accompanied by anxious mother. This was a male child who presented to the A and E with loss of consciousness at home that was preceded by vomiting. This child was diagnosed to be a case of bacterial meningitis and I had to deliver care in the A and E.
Milestones and Development: Obviously many children with the age group that I am going to discuss presented with different diagnoses during my placement in the Accident and Emergency, and milestones and development from both physiological and psychological perspectives have implications in diagnosis and management of these children. To discern an aberration, it is important that an overview of the normal milestones is done. Children accomplish maturation of different biological functions at an anticipated age with a margin of few months on the either side. Ideally, assessment of behavioural development should be interpreted from the time of appearance of definite skills while giving due considerations to environmental and social factors besides the stress of the actual clinical situation. ...
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