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Peter Jones - Essay Example

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It is a glaring, indubitable fact that business entrepreneurs make an impact on the lives of most people in the world. Their product creativity and innovation and their conception of sterling ideas whether in the sphere of manufacturing, marketing, human management or a combination of all these aspects make this world a more exciting and colourful world…

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Peter Jones

Most people thus have a ready list of their most admired entrepreneurs. And to find out who are the most admired entrepreneurs, several business entities commission surveys to find out the most admired entrepreneurs list. Oprah Winfrey is perhaps today's most admired woman entrepreneur in the whole world. Forbes Magazine had listed her in 2006 as one of the richest people on earth with fortunes worth more than a billion (Haig 2006,p.155). She had also been touted as 'one of the most powerful celebrities in the United States" (Butler 2006,p.73). And yet, she has remained humble and compassionate, exerting great efforts in philanthropic works and influencing and affecting people all over the world with the inspirational and educational nature of her TV and movie shows. With all these, she had made a difference in the lives of people and this caused all the adulation and admiration heaped on her. She thus topped the list of Readers' Most Admired Entrepreneur in America (Popular Culture Association in the South 2007,p.75).
In another recent survey of 1000 teenagers in America, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs edged out Oprah Winfrey and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as the most admired entrepreneur in America. ...
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