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Quality of Health Care

Thus the quality and performance of hospital staff would be determined by a dichotomy of perception, one by private enterprise and the other by the government. Along with these developments raining and development of skills in the healthcare sector would lead to a new dimension both in the sphere of motivation and performance.
Human Resource Training & Development (HRTD) policies and initiatives have received greater attention in the current period due to highly articulate employee skills training and development strategies at the individual healthcare sector. Thus the theoretical and empirical analysis of this paper is based on the available literature on the subject at a global level along with hospital's own training and quality improvement practices. This study basically draws on the hospitals' policy based convergence/divergence parameters for the continuous analysis for a proper articulation of the TQM strategy at broader level though its theoretical underpinnings are based on the need to focus attention on the evolving environment of competition.
TQM policy and initiative based analysis is a near approximation of an otherwise intractable continuum which lacks definable contours and a logical conceptual framework of reference. ...
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The current debate on healthcare has never been so intense, as per its emphasis the importance of total quality management (TQM) in healthcare. Yet again what has so far transpired on TQM and training issues is centrally focused on what shape the future of the state of healthcare in the country should take rather than the quantum leap that was previously being constantly advocated by many…
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