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Reforming Education

Because of this, students under-perform, and inefficiency sets in. This is precisely what happened to Duckwin Middle School. During the annual school inspection, a critical report about its assessment policies and practices, especially its failure to use assessment to enhance teaching and learning was revealed. The school was asked to document new sets of rules and policies that would enhance performance through proper assessment policies and practices. Development of leadership qualities, vision and a strong sense of purpose within the school was paramount to its success.
Professionalism instigates effective delegation of responsibilities and strategies to ensure accountability among the support staff to bring good governance effective teaching. While there has been considerable progress in the administrative functioning of schools, a lot is desired on the teaching front. Student retention has not been strong, with many schools registering high percentage of failures and absenteeism. HMCI Annual Report for 1994/95 reported a weakness in middle management in schools leading to frustration.
The role of middle managers becomes crucial in the functioning and management of school affairs. ...
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Although senior, junior teachers and other support staff try to achieve good governance, there still remain barriers that can dislodge the good efforts put in by these educationists. It can also happen that there may be a few who find it difficult to impart proper learning methods to students, culminating in poor governance and results…
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