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Combustion process, whether used for electricity generation or in engines for transport, produce airborne emissions of environmental concern. - Essay Example

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The combustion process, whether used for electricity generation or in engines for transport, produce air-borne emissions of environmental concern. Overview of the solutions for reduction of emissions from both, power generation and transport, to comply with:

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Combustion process, whether used for electricity generation or in engines for transport, produce airborne emissions of environmental concern.

Acid rain is due to the presence in the atmosphere of SO2 and NOx which, after a series of reactions, are deposited as nitric and sulphuric acid in the form of rain. Particulate matter is known to cause serious respiratory diseases.
Carbon sequestration is a method that allows the reduction of CO2 by capturing it at its source (e.g. a power plant) and storing it in non-atmospheric reservoirs such as geologic or oceanic reservoirs (Herzog). The Sleipner project is a working example of carbon sequestration technology. Off the coast of Norway in the North Sea, it is in fact the world's first commercial CO2 capture and storage project collecting about one million metric tons of CO2 each year since it was opened in 1996 (Sleipner CO2 project).
The term "scrubber" is used to refer to a group of air pollution control devices that aid the removal of fine particles and/or gases (especially acid gases) from industrial exhaust streams. Scrubbers work by either physically removing substances from the exhaust gas stream or by chemically neutralising them so that they cannot do any harm once released into the environment.
Wet scrubbing is used to clean gases from pollutants and particulates by putting in contact the exhaust gas stream with the scrubbing solution. The scrubbing solution can simply be water for the removal of dust or a chemical solution which contains reagents that can specifically target certain compounds. ...
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