Canadian education system

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The Canadian Education system has had its beginnings in the 1840s and has been evolving ever since. Public education has been more in vogue (as compared to private education), catalyzing the transformation of societies, during the last two centuries. However, contrary views, like that of Henry Fielding (1707-1754), the English novelist and dramatist, on the subject, "Public schools are the nurseries of all vice and immorality" (as cited by Bundey, 2006) are also prevalent.


The "Whig interpretation" viewed "much of history, through British Whig eyes," as the best way to progress, "away from savagery and ignorance towards peace, prosperity, and science" (Hayes, 2002). This is view self-limiting, and is inherently, thus, incapable of presenting a true and balanced picture.
The social perspective of history, influenced mainly by Bailyn (1960), stands apart from 'Whig history' and analyzes the system of informal education, prevalent earlier to the advent of public schooling, as provided by the family, community and the Church. With more emphasis on the importance of informal education, this interpretation recognizes that "schools are but one aspect" of the ever-changing "society", which "is a complex web" (Mazurek, 1986, p. 25). However, there is one shortcoming in this perspective; the main objective of this interpretation, it appears, was to impress upon the educational historians that, education must be viewed beyond mere professional and instructional dimensions of schooling (Carney, 1990, p 10).
Ethnographic interpretation of history has some advantages, in the sense that, one gets to view different angles reported and recorded. ...
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