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Essay example - The Columbine Incident

High school
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It was a gruesome event, high school kids behaving like hardened terrorists and unrelentingly shooting down anyone in their sight - with an unwavering sense of purpose. Immediately, one wonders what could have driven these teenagers so wildly berserk It is evil and insanity of an incomprehensible dimension…

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Twelve youngsters who had all their life before them were wantonly and mercilessly murdered, and dozens of others were seriously injured. On recovering from the initial shock of hearing or reading about this incident, if one starts thinking about it, it seems very likely that the two sick villains perpetrating this crime were probably taking revenge of some sorts. For the simple reason that if not one but two persons randomly opened fire within the premises of a fully populated high school, with hundreds of students moving around, there would have definitely been more casualties. One must remember that the perpetrators knew their way with guns, and had indeed used powerful weapons, walking down the length and breadth of the school building hunting people down, while everyone was frantically trying to escape or hide. Another important fact of this incident is that the killers killed themselves in the end. Such prima facie impressions engendered by this tragic incident may have prompted the various theories that circulated in the media as to the murderers' possible motives, in the immediate aftermath of the event. The fact that they killed themselves suggested a strong possibility that these guys could somehow have been underlings victimized by the school bullies, and this is their way of evening the scores. ...
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