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British Pop Art versus Nouveau Realisme - Essay Example

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Pop Art and Nouveau Realisme are two styles of exhibition art that emerged from a similar artistic standpoint and consequently formed themselves into two similar genres. Both are forms of modern art that are said to have grown out of the abstract art of their day; regardless of this initial connection, however, artists within both the Pop Art and Nouveau Realisme categories maintain that their work springs from a need to counterbalance the abstract art being presented.

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British Pop Art versus Nouveau Realisme

It is a common misconception that the two areas of art are in fact the same movement founded in different parts of Europe; British Pop Art focuses on showing current life using current imagery and style such as in comic books and television, Nouveau Realisme instead incorporates common imagery that exists in all aspects of life instead of merely popular culture.
Pop Art emerged in 1950's Britain and quickly took root in America and other parts of the world as well (Harrison 50). The style formed in response to abstract; the latter being considered an overdone, muddled interpretation of reality by many artists who desired to create art that could be more easily appreciated by the masses. The fact was that with abstract art, audiences and different artists like Allan Jones felt that the works being produced were supportive of elitism (Moore-Gilbert 272-274). ...
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