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There are four basic management styles described in the management literature:
Each of these styles has certain advantages and drawbacks, and there is no way to objectively compare their effectiveness: in some organizations directive democrats may be more successful than permissive democrats, in other organizations directive or permissive autocrats may exhibit high effectiveness, and visa versa. Effectiveness of the management style directly depends on the type of organization and nature of work performed.
The style of permissive democrats seems to be the best solution for the Department of Justice filled with highly skilled professionals. The involvement in planning and decision making provides them with the sense of belongingness to work and they demonstrate more commitment in performing their duties. However, the style of permissive democrats has one essential limitation: active involvement of the subordinates in the process of decision making, coupled with lack of strict control often produces a deceptive impression that the manager adopts a laissez-faire attitude and simply does not perform his direct functions, namely controlling (Muczyk, 2004).
Probably this confusion can be held responsible (at least partially) for the failure of Eileen to keep obey the rules. ...
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The story of Eileen provides good insight into several essential aspects of managerial work such as styles of management, conflict resolution, group dynamics, stereotypes, etc. The first and probably the most important aspect relates to style of management practiced in the organization…
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