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Disease Control and Prevention

He is also complaining of shortness in breath, stuff nose and persistence of cough. On the other hand, T.M. denied smoking cigarettes, taking prohibited drugs and drinking alcoholic beverages. He has no allergic reactions to any food, any drug or medication, or any environmental factors. As a patient, he had not complained of pains or of any past hospitalizations. But he is sexually active and had undergone AIDS test. His two other brothers also tested negative of the AIDS test last year. He has had vaccination for milestones completed. He had no previous medications taken or OTC drugs. His parents are positive for hypertension.
This seventeen (17) years old African American male was a mesomorph. His physique could be characterized to be predominantly muscular. He was alert being very much aware of his surroundings when he was oriented three times. He had low grade fever at 990F. This was way below the margin of 100.40F or 380C. He was positive for adenopathy for some swelling on the perineal area because of the yellow perineal discharge present. However, he does not have inflamed eyes. He had also no visible wounds, not even rectal rashes. His lungs were clear. This means his respiration was normal. His heart rate was normal at P: 58; RR: 18; T: 99.1 and BP is 139/91. Finally, his nose drainage was clear, but, his voice was hoarse (+).
Subsequently, the following plan was designed and suggested for an ass ...
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A seventeen years (17) old African male named T.M. arrived at the high school clinic complaining of (-) penis discharge. He also complained of two days persistent cough and stuffy nose. Nevertheless, he denied pain upon urination. This was for two days already…
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