Understanding Presentations

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Nowadays, myriad computer programs and other technological innovations have been made available in the market to aid in making effective presentations. These are valuable sources of visual aids that prove to be vital in emphasizing primary points and stimulating the audience…


Understanding Presentations

Instead of making presentations memorable, they may cause the audience to be distracted. For instance, high-tech and excessively colorful graphics used by many speakers may blind the audience ("National Seminars Group", n.d.). Although presentations become very impressive with these, "graphic overkill" tends to confuse the audience. As such, the main points the speaker is driving at may be missed by the audience as these visual aids may compete with the attention of audience.

Another example is when inappropriate visual aids are utilized in presentations. There are many speakers who are fond of showing videos on TV monitor located on the stage. Some fail to realize though that in using videos, the size of the audience and aim of presentation should be taken into account. At times, spectators are not able to view videos clearly resulting to confusion and even irritation.

Given these examples, it is important for those preparing presentations to note that visual images should be chosen carefully and appropriately (Saylor, 2005). Presentations using simple, neat and uncluttered visuals are more reflective of the professionalism of speakers and the companies they represent. Elegant and simple design for a presentation is deemed to be more effective that flashy ones (Anthony, 1995).

Particularly for business presentations using PowerPoint, animations must also be carefully applied (Saylor, 2005). ...
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