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I do believe that people still talk of divorce "in an almost pious reverence", but this I believe is bound to change since divorce is continuously becoming so common. The time will come when divorce will be talked about openly and sadly will be seen as a normal day-to-day happening in society.
Putnam based his claims on the fact that he feels he still can depend on his parents although he gets to spend time with them separately. He has found resolution in his family's situation of which he has quaintly expressed when he wrote that "The safest environment for me was to be with one happy parent at a time, instead of two miserable ones all the time."
I find the discussions in his essay convincing and supportive on his claim on what the divorce of his parents has done for him. He was able to present negative implications of the divorce and at the same time presented a clear understanding and acceptance of his living situation "with two houses to call home."
4.) Putnam has several warrants, some of them stated explicitly and some implied. ...
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1.) Identify Putnam's claim. Where does he state it in his essay From your experience, do you agree with him Do you agree that people discuss "divorce" in an almost pious reverence saved only for life threatening illness
Putnam claims even though he did go through the same trepidations as any child of divorced parents do; he did not miss out on things that children need the most…
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