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A Probation Officers View of Effectiveness - Essay Example

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There are pressures from all around, to measure the effectiveness of the contribution the Probation Officers make, for that matter the whole Department, towards reforming the criminals to bring down the crime rate. This makes it necessary for collating the observable positive behavior, of the criminal or criminals, as and when they manifest and are distinctly identifiable as having originated because of the Probation Officer's efforts…

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A Probation Officers View of Effectiveness

The acceptable thing is that the effectiveness of any correctional effort has to be life-changing so that the positive changes remain tenacious.
A Texas Prison Major was quoted, Dilulio, 1987, p 146 that he does believe, like every one, from the director to the warden to the boss in the cellblock, that prisons can be run well and that, the prisons don't have to unsafe, unclean or un-educational. For good programs and good safety go together with good management.
In dealing with the intangibles, the perception becomes enormously relative. What is good for one is unacceptable to the other. Why is that There are so many variables at play here that to be able to provide a sustainable argument would be futile. Yet, behavioral science continues to endeavor, in a bid to come up with an acceptable measuring criterion. In this case, measuring the 'effectiveness' of the Probation Officers.
The Case Study presented here is a classic study of human action and reaction. It is evident that for an idea to be pushed ahead, a climate of awareness and acceptance has to be created before action can be initiated. Historically action for change is a constant for organizations. ...
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