Sustainable Enterprise

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1. Failing a radical change in our technology of production and the value system that underlies the growth mentality, we must conclude that few business activities can be truly sustainable--only less unsustainable (Nemetz, 2002). At present trend it is not possible attain global sustainability.


It is difficult to overcome the above-mentioned problems to attain sustainability completely in the near future.
Failing in attaining sustainability would result in having adverse effects on overall ecosystem. The current path of non-sustainability would also invite other disasters such as environmental degradation, irreversible ecological crisis and it forecloses ecological options.
To achieve sustainability if not in near future but some day we have to work now on certain factors. Industrial organizations should be more responsible and incorporate corporate social responsibilities (CSR). Thus any product manufactured would be under strict environmental laws. Industrial organizations should participate in charities and other social activities. Natural resources should be used in such a way that it should help in raising our living standards without increase in throughput or resources. Steps should be taken to cope the problem of poverty. In overall, progress has been made, we passed through many technological milestones but still achieving sustainable development remains eluded.
Development in different sectors like Information Technology, Steel industry, etc., has resulted a sharp rise in the usage of harmful substances. ...
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