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Social Media Impact on the Nonprofit Organizations - Essay Example

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Over the last few years, the growth trends seen in the social media are simply remarkable. These trends have proved one thing, that social networking industry is not a fad anymore. In fact it is the future of marketing related activities and a heaven for marketers to market their products…

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Social Media Impact on the Nonprofit Organizations

These statistics clearly prove that modern businesses and intelligent marketers can spend less in social media to reach many. In fact, many smart marketers have abandoned marketing activities on conventional mediums like T.V and Radios in order to make sure that whatever they spend is efficient with respect to the cost and number of people that the medium reaches. This holds true not only for the profit making businesses but also for the charitable organizations. In fact, charitable organizations have a greater responsibility of using their funds efficiently so that the welfare in the society is maximized (MC Marketing Charts, 2010). Many businesses and non-profit organizations can take advantage of this tremendous growth in industry. They can use this media as a cheaper and better option to advertise their mission and to attract more donors for their cause. This will involve creative thinking and a lot of effort but once, these organizations understand the true potential of how Social Media can be used to their advantage.
It is also believed that with the passage of time, as the industry matures, these sites are going to attract more and more traffic. This large turnover will encourage companies to advertise more on these websites. As a result, these websites will experience an even larger growth in their revenues. ...
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