German perpetrators committed the Holocaust

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The Holocaust was absolutely one of the most horrific events of the 20th century,and the term 'Holocaust' is basically used to describe "the killing of approximately six million European Jews during World War II"


In order to be able to even remotely understand the Holocaust properly, there is a multitude of issues that need to be thoroughly addressed and discussed. Many people over time have attempted to explain the reasons as to why German perpetrators followed orders to commit mass murder, and the aim of this paper is to discuss whether or not these reasons are illuminating, as well as the reasons why they are or are not. By doing this, we will not only be able to get the answers to this, but as well will be able to better understand the issue of the Holocaust overall. This is what will be dissertated in the following.There are many different occurrences which have taken place in the world which have left an incredible impact and have significantly influenced the future that lay ahead of it dramatically, and the Holocaust is, without a doubt, one of these described occurrences. There are so many questions that surround the Holocaust, namely that of how such ordinary people could have participated in such an unholy and unimaginable act of racism and hatred. Each person seems to have their own taking and view on this issue, and any account of the Holocaust itself truly has to take views such as this into consideration in order to be able to gain a proper understanding on the occurrence itself at all. ...
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