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Principles of Finance

The effective annual rate computations below show that issue 7.375s19 has generated an effective annual rate of twenty one and 852/100 percent. The issue that generated the lowest effective annual rate is issue 7.375s20 which generated a very low seven and 37.5/100 effective annual rate.
Thee lowest annual percentage yield, this is similar to Effective Annual Rate, comes from issue 7.375s20 with the annual percentage yield of only seven and 37.5/100. he yield to call resulted to the following computations.
There are many mathematical business tools that finance uses to help us in our decision making processes. Some of the tools used are the Annual Percentage, the Period Rate and the Effective Annual Rate. The many computations below will show how they are made useful.
The annual percentage rate is computed by multiplying the periodic rate by the number of periods. For example 10% quarterly is really equal to 40%. The annual rate is stated as the yearly cost of a mortgage that includes interest, Mortgage insurance, and the origination fees which is shown in percentages. Based on the above computation, issue 7.375s20 has annual percentage rate of 7.375 percent. The issue 7.375s19 was computed to generate annual percentage rate of 14.75 percent. The next issue, 8.250s28, when computed had generated the annual percentage rate of 8.25 percent. The next issue, 6.730s17 when also computed generated annual percentage
Periodic rate ...
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There are many tools used analyzing bond issues. One issue is the Annual Percentage Rate. The Computation below shows that issue 7.375s19 generated the highest Annual Percentage Rate of 14.75%. This is very much higher than the annual percentage rate of issue 8.250s28.
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