Police Administrators

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Police administrators have a responsibility of ensuring that crime is combated in the society. In all these they are answerable to the community in relation to security and crime issues. When police officers walk a fine line as politicians, there are many problems and pitfalls that result.


Police administrators in the recent past have become aware of their roles both in the community and also in the political arena. Community policing emphasizes on significant changes in approaches of police administrators. Research shows politicians are normally involved in various criminal practices in order to survive in the political arena. Police administrators must walk a fine line as politicians - accepted within their department by police officers - and also answerable to the community. This paper is an exploration of pitfalls and problems of this balancing act. (Dowell, 2004)
While police administrators can walk a fine line as politicians, they have to be answerable to the community. This balancing act comes along with problems that may not be very easy to solve. Since time immemorial, politics has been referred to as a dirty game. This is because it is normally associated with crime practices in the society. The problem that comes in when police administrators start involving themselves with politics and at the same time carrying out their responsibilities is that they may not combat some crime issues especially those related to politics. (Kleinman, 2000)This is because there are crime issues that are related to politics that police administrators maybe aware of but due to their political aspirations, in case they deal with them then they may never succeed in the political arena. ...
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