America Is Not Over

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The beginning of the 21st century brought new challenges and threats to the American superpower. Terrorist attacks and economic decline force many people to rethink position of America in the world and its global power. Globalization and integration are the main tendencies in the modern world.


In spite of the apparent benefits of the globalized world, some critics reject opportunities and strengths of globalization. Thesis The viewpoint that "America Is Over' is invented by American enemies and direct global competitors interested in fast decline and breakdown of the super nation; America is not over as it has excellent human capital, strong political and economic system able to resist global economic crisis and inside threats.
America is not over as it is follows unique national and international policies which help it to remain profitable and support its citizens, both economically and politically. Positive effects of current economic situation include free trade and integrated economic relations, low barriers to trade and cultural communication, political unity and easy travel, technology transfer and labor turnover. Governments take measures to make their economies more or less attractive to global investors. In addition, nation-states have retained control over education, infrastructure, and, most importantly, population movements. Indeed, immigration control, together with population registration and monitoring, has often been cited as the most notable exception to the general trend towards global integration. ...
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