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Joining the Year Up Program

In short, my interest in joining up with the Year Up program is motivated by my own personal belief in these types of programs and by my desire to serve my own community in the future.
To be sure, my own background is surprisingly consistent with the aims espoused by the Year Up organization; although I am only twenty years of age, I have already demonstrated through actions that I would be an exemplary candidate for this type of program. I would be an exemplary candidate because I have a wide range of interests, both academic and in my community, and because I have already devoted myself to helping youth in my community. For example, from an academic perspective, I am a keen student and I am particularly interested in math. Math interests me both theoretically, as an intellectual puzzle to be solved, and in its assortment of applications to the real world. From a community point of view, I have been extraordinarily active and devoted my time to helping other people as much as to simply enjoying myself. I love playing football and I have served as a youth mentor. I take great pride in listening to people with problems or difficulties and trying to help them find a positive solution. ...
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As a preliminary matter, it is my desire to join Year Up in Cambridge because your organization's goals are consistent with my own, because I firmly believe that I will improve my ability to serve my community, and because this opportunity offers experiences and personal relationships that I would otherwise never be able to access…
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