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Essay example - 'New' or 'Compositionally Altered' grocery store products

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Compositionally altered foods comprise those foods that have been modified in the manufacturing process - for example foods that are modified to contain less fat, or less sugar or more fibre, like low fat ice cream, reduced acid orange juice, and so on. While such food may be loosely classified under processed foods, it is worthwhile to note that processed foods really refer to products like pasteurised milk, frozen vegetables, cake mixes, and high calorie chips and cheese sticks…

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Low calorie yoghurt is essentially low in sugar (achieved by substituting a low calorie sweetener like aspartame or saccharin instead of sugar), and it is almost lactose free. By reducing lactose to less than .1% through ultra-filtration and enzymatic hydrolysis, the manufacturer is able to reduce 60 to 70 calories from the product. The target consumer includes dieters and because of almost nil lactose in the finished product, lactose intolerant people as well. When stored under recommended temperatures and under conventional refrigeration, the product has a shelf life of about 30 days which is about the same as regular yoghurt. Low calorie yoghurts can be manufactured in the traditional style, the Swiss style or even with fruit mixed in. I am not a great fan of this type of yoghurt since I find it either too watery or too much like gelatine.
Artificial cream is another compositionally altered food. It is merely imitation cream and is made entirely from non-dairy fats like vegetable oil and not butter fat although it contains emulsifiers like glycerides and phosphatides, and thickening agents like gum and starch. It contains no butyric acid but sweeteners or sugar could be added to sweeten the whip. ...
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