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Assignment example - Community Policing

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As the number of incidents involving use of force by the police on the public is on the rise, several federals and state law enforcement agencies have come forward to take measures to keep the issue under control. Robert K. Olsen, former Minneapolis Police Chief and Past President, Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), early in 2004 called the use of force "the single most volatile issue facing police departments." He noted that "just one use of force incident can dramatically alter the stability of a police department and its relationship with a community." The statistical data for 2008 has not been compiled yet, but the belief is that the numbers seems to be on the rise…

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To file a complaint, information like the officer's name, shield number, license plate number, physical description of the officer such as height, weight or anything that can distinguish the officer from the rest. The citizen should also provide information on the day, approximate time and place the incident took place, along with names of other witnesses if any. Filing a complaint can be done through the helpline telephone, by sending a letter, by sending email, by physically visiting the law enforcement office or by filling up an online complaint form. Only some agencies have online complaints facility. The complaint procedure is not very complicated and can be handled by most citizens.
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