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Computer technology advancement in Forensic science

The system was great for its time. System worked well. The image was not of best quality it worked, better then the old Identity kit. Nothing compares to a good forensic composite artist who can draw the image by hand. However, for those of us who aren't so talented with that medium, the computer and software became our medium and the results were excellent. Computer industry changed. The VISATEX program was in the DOS environment, everything was changing to a graphical environment, Windows. The costs of computers were dropping fast, the programs were cheaper and a lot of those in the industry just couldn't keep up with the changing technology, a financial drain. The "newer" composite programs were using a lot more memory, hard drive space and required better printers. When law enforcement finally caught up to the modern computer world the new composite programs matched the current computers capability. This is where we are today. Several composite programs are offering their composite images in 16 bit, soon to change to 32 bit images. They are now photo quality, some are even in full color!
Computer programs are available for sketching crime scenes and blood spatters by inputting certain measurements associated with the scene and the individual spatters. This blood spatter program will then calculate and draw the spatters' points of origin. ...
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Forensic science was free to the police at the point of delivery, since it was paid for as part of common police services. Over the previous five years serious (violent) crimes had been rising rapidly, whilst the numbers of forensic scientists had remained stable…
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