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While the period that you are referring to is barely three decades back, they may be identified as seminal decades within the information technology field and industry. Indeed, research and development within this field have propelled the industry forward and have revolutionized both information technology and its usage, whether measured in terms of scope or range.


In some instances, as in Level II or III attacks, they have the potential to be catastrophic. Bearing this in mind, I will now restate what I discussed in the executive meeting regarding the three generation of IA technologies but shall better clarify their relevancy to our company.
The first generation of IA technologies is exclusively focused upon the prevention of intrusion. As may be deduced from Liu, Yu and Jing's (2005) definition and analysis of the first generation of IA Technologies, it is imperative that any corporate entity, not just ours, have such a system in place. It involves the implementation of multiple levels of data securitization, seeking to protect information from both unauthorized physical and network access and attack. It is, thus, that our data is encrypted, for example. Encryption functions to maximize the security of data by rendering the deciphering of data retrieved through unauthorized access, difficult.
The second generation of IA technologies is founded upon an acknowledgement of the fact that the first generation of IA technologies cannot preve ...
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