Women in Management Essay

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The presence of women in management positions, or positions traditionally

occupied by men, became more prevalent after the passage of title VII and Title IX.


As a matter of course, the higher the hierarchal order the more prevalent the

proverbial glass ceiling persists. As a general rule, companies for the most part do not

exhibit a problem with employing women. However, most companies have exhibited a

long standing history of gender stratification, income discrimination according to gender,

and discrimination in upper management positions.

This paper will highlight 10 major industries to point out the prevalence of the

denial of opportunity, income and access extended to women in management positions.

Also, to probe how pervasive this situation is in the lives of everyday women, the paper

will feature some numbers and impressions from the Wal-Mart debacle.In appendix “C”.

The limitation placed on this presentation does not allow the author to present a

comprehensive composite. However, this concise presentation will provide much food for

thought and a keen perspective of how acute and pervasive the sexism is.

Women in Management

The General Accounting Office prepared a macro statistical analysis of 10

American Industries at the behest of a Congressional oversight committee who was

concerned about the gender gap in managerial positions. In viewing Appendix “A”

we see that in the most non-traditional jobs i.e., Communications, and Business

and Repairs, where 40.9 per cent and 38.3 per cent represent the total percentage of the

whole, of women employed respectively in either industry. Additionally we find in the

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