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Oral Piercings How To Educate People of Associated Risks - Essay Example

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Fashions are constantly changing be it hairstyles, hair colors, mini skirts to midi skirts, and tattoos to mouth jewelry, every generation discovers new ways to mark its identity. Today, oral piercing and an assortment of mouth jewelry are increasingly the preference of America's youth…

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Oral Piercings How To Educate People of Associated Risks

The Mesoamericans such as the Aztecs practiced tongue piercing among others as blood offerings to their gods. In the Middle East, Islamic Fakirs and Sufis and from the Far East, Asian Spirit Mediums performed tongue piercing as offerings and to prove their immersion into a trance state (Bmezine 2006). At the turn of the 20th century, carnivals employed the tongue piercing practices of fakirs in their sideshow tricks. American and European audiences caught their first glimpses of tongue piercing and the trend caught on. Today, Elayne Angel is mainly responsible for the popularity and promotion of tongue piercing and is recognized as the first person with a tongue tip and multiple tongue piercings.
Similar to pierced ears, oral piercing uses metal jewelry that comes in a variety of styles, including studs, barbells and rings. Tongue, lips or cheek piercing however poses greater health risks and care should be taken in all aspects of the piercing process from choosing the right piercer to using the correct jewelry to aftercare measures to prevent health risks.
Tongue piercing has a number of popular names including tongue ring, a misnomer, as rarely are rings worn in tongue piercings. ...
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