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globalisation: small is beautiful

The term 'global village; is also being used to describe the process of Globalisation because true Globalisations unites the people of the world into a singular society by making all sorts of goals and thought processes available through out the world at one point in time and hence makes it beneficial for the people of the world because every one can gain from it simultaneously. Globalisation is usually linked with the economic aspect of a society but in reality it is not just the economy that it effects but it effects all aspects of the society for example democracy and the way that it is being promoted after the 9/11 has become a global phenomenon and people and societies in general are striving to achieve this political system so that they can be in line with the world and that is the true essence of Globalisation. The rate at which this concept has been spread is phenomenal and is one of the primary reasons that people have wanted to know more of it in the recent past. The word Globalisation itself was first used in 1981 and spread through out the world in the late 1980's and early 1900's and is still thought to be as a new field altogether. ...
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Starting of it is imperative that one defines what true globalisation is and what is meant by the term in its literal sense and also give credit to the people initially coined the term and what are the true implications of globalisation in the contemporary world…
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