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case study analysis College

This project plan will provide definition to the New Equipment Check - Out System for GB Manufacturing, including the goals and objectives, specifications and limitations of the project. Moreover, the plan will also be the basis of agreement for all personnel involved in the check-in and check-out transaction - Equipment Depot Staff, Supervisors of various areas, and other employees.
The project will introduce a new computer assisted Equipment Check-Out System which will include several computer units that are networked and with additional features such as report retrieval system and generation of inventory reports, equipment tracking, restriction implementation on certain pieces of equipment and easy accessibility to information like availability and status of equipment.
Identified possible project barriers include (1) removal of funding and (2) natural disasters or emergence of wars. Project barriers may be critical to the realization of a project and may leave it invalid.
Equipment Depot Staff of GB Manufacturing's Maintenance Department has trouble tracking down equipments, which are usually lost, stolen or damaged. This problem has incurred a grand amount of $50,000 loss on the part of the company. ...
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Bill Venkman, the Director of the Maintenance Department of GB Manufacturing in New York City gives top priority to the development of an automated equipment check-out system that will answer the growing need for tracking lost, stolen and damaged pieces of equipment from the equipment depot…
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