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visitor and destination management plan - Essay Example

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In terms of a topical getaway, the Canary Islands, which is located 300 kilometres off of the western coast of Africa near the lower end of Morocco is a the most preferred winter getaway destination for Spaniards as the Islands are a territorial holding of Spain (, 2008a)…

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visitor and destination management plan

The Canary Islands consist of Isla de Gran Canaria, Isla de Tenerife, Isla de la Palma, Isla de la Gomera, Isla de El Hierro, Isla de Alegranza, and Isla de Fuerteventura. Tourism is one of the main revenue source for the isands, with Gran Canaria and Tenerife attracting the most visitors, however, tourism abounds throughout the chain (McLeod, 1999).
The Canary Islands, which shall focus on Gran Canaria of the island chain, as the subject location for this study of tourism and destination management in that the location is well known as well as offered suitable information that is available to enable an examination of the varied points to be addressed herein.
In examining visitor and destination management, an understanding of the term is necessary to position it within this study. The Association of Destination Management Executives defines destination management as professional management that specialises " in the design and delivery of events, activities, tours, staffing and transportation, possessing and utilising extensive local knowledge, expertise and resources" (Lee, 1998). ...
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