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select an organisation in the U.K. and critically assess the operational methods and strategies adopted to provide satisfactory products (or services) to custom - Essay Example

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select an organisation in the U.K. and critically assess the operational methods and strategies adopted to provide satisfactory products (or services) to custom

The Department which I was involved in was the procurement department. The Purpose of this department was to ensure that there were adequate products in the store to fulfil customer requirements at that time. The role of the procurement section was to act as an intermediary between the process of selling and suppliers who dealt with the store. This department has to ascertain that there was back up stock in case there were any eventualities that occurred in the supply chain. Besides this, it also has to guard against overstocking. This is because of the fact that too much of a certain item could cause losses to the organisation. Their function contributes to customer satisfaction because the department ensures that customers get what they want whenever they want. (Tesco, 2007)
The organisation has two categories of customers' i.e. external customers and internal customers. Slack et al (2007) describes internal customers as those who are found within the organisation. These are the various sections in the organisation that deal with the department under consideration. This comes from the concept of treating other parts of the organisation as separate entities or organisations. ...
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Tesco PLC is a Retail Company based in the United Kingdom. It is the most recognised retailer of groceries in the region; this was backed up by the fact that last year it was responsible for supplying thirty percent of all the groceries in the UK. The Company was started in the 1920s and has since grown both regionally and globally…
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