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Analysis of Curriculum Perspectives

He did research on implementation of the curriculum and found that schools spend about sixty seven percent of their time focusing on hidden aspects of the curriculum yet they were not aware of this. Eisner (1979) asserts that those subjects that receive more attention are determined by the hidden curriculum. The latter is also responsible for the teaching styles adopted in classrooms and methods of delivering subject content.
In relation to this argument, many philosophers and educationists came up with theories explaining the nature of the hidden curriculum. The proponents, critics and content of these perspectives will be examined in detail in the subsequent portions of the essay. These will incorporate five main perspectives.
Psychology is one of the most important disciplines in education because rot was responsible for the creation of the experiential theory of the curriculum. It should be noted that before experiential approaches most theories of education revolved around reductionist views. However, with the passage of time, more and more psychologists realized that there was more to learning that reduction. This formed the background fro the experiential theory.
The main proponents of the theory were Freire and Kolb. The proponents believed that learning occurred in a cycle. ...
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Curriculum perspectives arose from the fact that there are two main aspects of any curriculum. The first is more obvious than the other; the formal curriculum. This involves the academic parts of any curriculum. These are the elements that are taught in the classroom…
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