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He requested that they do not accept free men being traded as slaves.
King Alfonso always made reference to God's service in his letters. However, he also reiterated his problem of losing control over his people. In his first letter, he wrote, "vassals.beginning to claim their independence." This was due to the fact that his people were beginning to see how good free life is as they see from the lives of the Portuguese merchants. Also, this could be attributed to the fact that they were now able to obtain goods that were previously forbidden from them.
King Alfonso believes that his kingdom is an extension of Portugal and that they must be given the same attention by the Portuguese King as he would give to his native land. Furthermore, Alfonso's letters demonstrate the dependence of his kingdom on Portugal which may be seen as the same reason why he never requested that slave trade be ended or that Portugal vacate his kingdom immediately. Lastly, King Alfonso knows that without the Portuguese and the practice of Christianity his reign will be in jeopardy.
Christopher Columbus' journal serves as a window into his travels. It reflects his views regarding the places he visits and the people he meets. For instance, his journal relates his experience upon meeting the people of the new world.
He described these people as people with very well-formed and handsome bodies, short coarse hair similar to the tail of a horse, and people that wear various colors of paint in different places on their face and body. He also noted their distinct complexion which was neither black nor white.
Most importantly, Columbus described them as being "poor in everything." He probably attributed such to the fact that they willingly accepted even the littlest of items that were given to them. He noted that what they were giving them had no value back home but these people eagerly accepted such items.
Columbus found the people to be very friendly since they welcomed them so eagerly. The Indians provided them with what they needed such as food and water. In fact, the Indians had very high regard for Columbus and his men. They exerted effort just to give them what they need. Despite the language barrier, each group was able to communicate with the other through signs.
Columbus noted the Indians' high regard for them that he began to think that they were considered as men from heaven. The Indians practically worshipped the outsiders. They thanked the heavens for Columbus and his men, they went down on the ground, and they made offerings in the form of food and water.
If an Indian were to have written a diary, it would have contained his adulation for the Europeans most especially how these people gave them gifts.
The point of view from which an individual sees an event may have a great effect on how he interprets what he sees. This is exemplified by Bernal Diaz del Castillo's journal and his description of Mexico, its way of life, and its people.
Diaz was quite surprise in what he saw upon arriving in Mexico and upon visiting the town. For one, he noticed that in a way, there were traces of certain similarities between Mexico and Europe. This was most evident in the market place which Diaz visited. He was quite surprised to find such an organized market place where various goods were being ...Show more
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In each of the three letters of King Alfonso to the Portuguese king, he made mention of various requests. Some of these he asked for repeatedly which signifies the importance of these. Basically, King Alfonso asked that the king of Portugal order his officers to stop giving authorization to Portuguese merchants to do trade in Congo most especially when such trade involves items forbidden by the king…
Analysis High School Essay
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