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In William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury," Jason reveals his true, nature in the third section of the novel. From the first words he writes, we know that he has grown cynical and hardened. His attitude toward Miss Quentin demonstrates just how little he cares for anyone.


. . I reckon you know now that you cant beat me out of a job" (205). Instead of trying to deal with his emotions in a healthy way, he takes his anger out on people that are around him. His conversation with Dilsey reveals how Jason comes across to others. Dilsey tells him that he is glad that he at least has a heart "even ef hit is black' (208). Jason just responds with anger. He has no respect for anyone, claiming that it is good that the "lord did something for his country; the folks that live on it never have" (239). Jason let his experiences affect him in a negative way. He is suspicious of people, always considers the worst, and rarely thinks of anyone but himself. The saddest part of his actions is the fact that he is not willing to change nor does he think he should.
Miss Quentin is the character that stands out in the novel because she survives on her own terms. She is more like her mother because she does what she pleases and is not too terribly too concerned with the feelings of others. She exacts her revenge upon Jason who has repeatedly abused her along with just about everyone else with whom he comes in contact. Miss Quentin is an example of the nurture argument because her personality reflects the harsh environment she endured. While she is not the most respectable or highest esteemed person, she should be commended for remaining true to herself. ...
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