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Nursing research study - Essay Example

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Violence has long been a matter of concern for the staff members in the working condition where adult patients with learning disability find their prominent existence (Jackson, and Mannix, 2002; Jansen, et al. 2005; McKenna, et al. 2003; Secker, et al 2004)…

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Nursing research study

It is also essential to point out that the violence in the adults only with intellectual disabilities has been stretched here with prominence.
Numerous researchers have laid the area of their work on the violence in care of adult with learning disability (Bonner, et al. 2002; Coyne, 2002; Duxbury, and Whittington, 2005; Hegney, et al. 2003). This is because there is a rising demand in the in-depth study of the violence behavior in the adults in the care centre. The present topic holds a clear title and refers in a very straightforward manner of presence to the topic, which is essentially in demand. We would say that the lock and key arrangement of the topic with the text has been exhibited in the present paper.
Strand (2004) and experts in the paper begin their essential focus of interest in the topic by providing a short background and literature review as relevant to the topic. They mention that violence holds its presence in the form of physical, psychological, financial, and sexual abuse. They also held their emphasis that the problem of violence in adults with intellectual disability is quite often underreported.
The objective for the present study as presented by Strand and colleagues was to study the present picture with more relevance to the caregivers. The focus was held on the Swedish adult persons with intellectual disability and their caregivers' in-group dwellings. ...
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