The Daughters of Catulle Mendes Pierre Auguste Renoir

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The reason to choose the "Metropolitan Museum of Art" is it is the world's largest museum and it is one of the most important art museum. The Museum is shortly referred to as "The Met". The Met maintains a collection of about 2 millions or more from all around the world.


So for a student who does research on art the Museum is the best choice to select paintings for the work of thesis.
The Museum has devoted a separate branch especially for the art and architecture of medieval Europe. It has the collection of both the domestic architectural elements and religious architectural elements that range from a period of 12th century to about 15 centuries back. This building with the cloistered gardens is located at the Fort Tryon Park in the upper Manhattan. The mostly highlighted things in the Cloisters are the treasures of sculptures, tapestries, ivories, stained glass, illuminated manuscripts, goldsmith's and silversmith's work and enamels.
Cezannes Astonishing Apples - this is a painting painted by a French artist in which a few apples on a tablecloth and a flower vase with flowers could be seen. The astonishing fact here is when the painting is seen from a distance apples look alike but when seen through a magnifying glass no two apples are same. Each and every apple is different from other one.
Sphinx of Senwosret III - This belongs to the period of 18This belongs to the period of early eighteenth century to late eighteen century of Before Christ period. It is possessed by the twelfth Dynasty of the Middle Egyptian Kingdom.
A Terracotta Calyx - This belongs to five hundred and fifteen century of Before Christ. ...
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